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There are three birthstones for December: Tanzanite, blue topaz, and blue zircon!

Tanzanite comes from just one place on Earth: Tanzania. The gemstone was first discovered around 60 years ago, in 1967. Tanzanite can show three distinct colors, depending on the cut of the stone and the angle it is viewed from, ranging from a violet to blue violet to blue. This trait, called pleochroism, is useful in gemology. It is thought that tanzanite can help the wearer dissolve old thoughts, patterns, and habits, making space for new ones to develop.

Blue topaz comes in three general shades: pale sky blue, cool Swiss blue, and deep London blue. Topaz is a symbol of calming and peace, largely due to the blue colors. It is thought to promote harmony and relaxation, as well as learning, understanding, and inspiration.

Blue zircon is a naturally occurring gemstone, and is commonly found in Sri Lanka, Austria, Thailand, Vietnam, Norway and France. Blue zircon is thought to symbolize joy, wealth, chastity, purity, and spiritual safety. Some also believe that zircon has the ability to provide restful sleep, fend off evil, and bring wealth and wisdom to the wearer.

All three gemstones are genuine in their own way and make for great gifts for yourself or someone special. Each of the gemstones has its own unique qualities; however, they all share one thing- their dazzling blue color. All three of the gemstones are believed to ensure long life, beauty, and intelligence. All three of these lovely gemstones are 20-50% off for the entire month of December! Stop in to see our wide selection, you’re sure to find something you love!