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Jewelry Repair

Dealing with damage to a beloved piece of jewelry or realizing a ring no longer fits your finger can be a difficult process. Thankfully, our skilled team in Manitowoc County, WI, is here to help. Our highly skilled goldsmiths can size, solder, and repair any piece for you. Some common jewelry repairs we deal with include:

  • Ring sizing: Whether your fingers have changed a size or you’re interested in adapting a family ring to fit you or a loved one, our ring sizing experts can easily handle the adjustments. We’re happy to resize rings from our collection or one you bring in from home, working to make sure they have a snug, comfortable fit on your finger.
  • Ring prong and setting repair or replacement: Gemstone or diamond rings can easily get caught in fabrics or on edges in daily wear, sometimes damaging ring prongs or loosening the stone in its setting. The Boelter’s Jewelers team can reset stones, replace ring prongs, or tighten settings to better protect the stone from falling out or getting damaged.
  • Polishing and cleaning: Sometimes all your jewelry needs is a good clean and polish to make it shine. Our experts can get the job done in no time, restoring the item’s former beauty.
  • Chain and clasp repair: Damage to necklace chains and clasps is a common jewelry repair issue we see. Thankfully, chain repair and clasp replacement are often relatively easy and fast repairs, helping restore your necklace’s beauty and function.

Whatever jewelry repair you need, our team will always provide a free estimate up front, only starting on repair work after you have approved the cost.

Watch Repairs & Battery Replacement

Whether you’re simply in need of a replacement watch band or battery, or your watch requires a more in-depth assessment and repair, we are here to help. We work with an extremely skilled watch repair expert, who will be more than happy to take a look at your watch and provide a free, no-strings estimate. We’ll call you with the estimated cost and time required for the repair to see if you’d like to proceed. We won’t do any work without your permission.

In house, we provide two different battery warranty plans, a 3-year and lifetime warranty. For the 3-year warranty, you can come back within the 3 years and get a new battery no charge. For the lifetime warranty, you can get a new battery within the whole lifetime of the watch for no charge.

3-year warranty: $15.95

Lifetime warranty: $29.95

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