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20% – 50% OFF Aquamarine – March

March’s birthstone is recognized as the “aquamarine” gemstone which is Latin for sea water. The gemstone comes in a variety of colors ranging from soft pale sky blue to vivid turquoise like the deep oceans. The gem is known to calm and sooth one in the midst of their hectic lives. Aquamarine gemstone is a constant reminder to take a deep breath. It is also the gem for the 19th wedding anniversary. It reawakens love in long married couples…

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20%-50% OFF Amethyst – February

The Amethyst stone in Greek terminology is known as the stone that protects its owner from drunkenness and prevents intoxication and addiction. It enabled leaders to have a clear mind when making important decisions. Not only does the Amethyst protect its owner, it also symbolizes royalty. Up until the 19th Century before a large amount of Amethyst deposits were discovered, Amethyst was just as expensive as an Emerald or Ruby. The Amethyst…

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20%-50% OFF Garnet – January


The month of January is a special month, it’s the beginning of a whole new year. A fresh start. And for January we have a special red gemstone called the Garnet that is considered our January babies birthstone. Some famous people that our January babies share a birthday with are Kay Middleton, Oprah Winfrey, and Ellen DeGeneres. And guess what? They all rock the…

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20%-50% OFF Blue Topaz – December

Tanzanite, blue topaz, and turquoise are all considered birthstones of December. The tanzanite gemstone represents contentment and understanding, while the blue topaz represents love and loyalty, and the turquoise is known to protect one’s health. All three gemstones are genuine in their own way and make for great gifts for yourself or someone special. Though each of the gemstones has its own unique qualities, they all share one thing and that…

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20%-50% OFF Citrine – November

Just one peek at the stone and you’ll see why, given its’ citrusy coloring. The gem ranges in golden shades from pale yellow to deep brownish orange. How did the citrine get its color, you may ask? Citrine is a variety of quartz. The yellow hues that you see on the stone are caused by traces of iron and quartz crystals.Greeks used the stone as a decorative gem. The Romans, on the other hand, utilized the citrine for jewelry and intaglio…

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20%-50% OFF Opal and Pink Tourmaline – October

Pink tourmaline and Opals are honored to be October’s birthstone. One look and you will fall in love with the gemstones. However good your life is, with a pink tourmaline it is going to be a lot better. The pink tourmaline is known to strengthen love and friendship, increase energy, and calm nerves. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Jewelry with a pink stone makes for a great gift to show someone fighting breast cancer support and…

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20%-50% OFF Sapphire – September

The blue sapphire ticks all the boxes from hardness to rarity. It is the most valuable and rarest colored natural gemstone. The blue sapphire is a very desirable gemstone due to its royal blue color. The color blue symbolizes love, loyalty, power and wisdom. It’s a gemstone with an astounding “wow” factor and significant royalty. It can make anyone feel like a king or queen while wearing. Whether worn as a necklace, ring, or earring…

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50% OFF Trollbeads and Chamilia

To make room for new stock, we are clearing out our inventory of Trollbeads and Chamilia merchandise. All merchandise from Trollbeads and Chamilia including beads, necklaces, bags, and bracelets are 50% off.  Come in to take advantage of this great deal before we’re cleared out!


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20% OFF Pearls – June

The Gemological Institute of America recognizes three different June birthstones: pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. All three are beautiful, but there’s just something so elegant and classic about the pearl that we dedicate an entire showcase to pearl jewelry at Boelter’s Jewelers.

To celebrate graduations, confirmations, and birthdays, take an extra 20% off pearl merchandise during the whole month of June! We have pearl necklaces including…

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